February 03, 2014

(pictures from the holidays with eric's family)

This post in itself is random, but the primary reason for it was to share with my readers a kid friendly beer garden and event venue that we visited in Boerne during the Christmas holidays called Random :) It was the cutest little place with the most adorable poseable letters and a bouncy house for the kids. If you ever make your way to Texas and ever find yourself in the hill country you should definitely make a pit stop at Random. If not to try one of their many delicious beers on tap than for the very least to pose with the letters. You can thank me later :)

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  1. Love the pictures! What a cute little town, I love the name Random :)

  2. Considering random has been a theme in my life, I'm a big fan of these pictures! I may have to venture out and find it one of these days!

  3. I've never heard of this place, but now I wanna go! Looks so fun :-) I love beer gardens.


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