Wedding Fitness + Color Me Rad

February 23, 2014

I am so proud of us for finding the motivation to finally start getting fit. Over the last couple months I have started to workout multiple different times only to find myself giving up within a few days of starting which was a huge bummer considering our wedding date is fast approaching.  We have been working out with Jillian Michaels doing the 30 day shred and it's seriously kicking our butts. We just finished our 11th day (level 2) and results are definitely evident. I love that E wants to workout with me and that he helps keep me motivated each and every day! I really look forward to our workout together. You know what they say a couple who sweats together stays together :)

Workouts have always been a part of my life or at least they were until I graduated from high school. After leaving for college and spending majority of my time studying it fell to the back burner so it feels good to pick up where I started 4 years ago.

Side note: I even wrote down my measurements and took a before picture so that I could see my progress which I'll post as soon as the program is over.

Results we've seen thus far:

We've both seen a lot more definition in our arms, legs, and abs. YAY!
I have lost an inch in my thighs which was my target area so I'm super excited about that.
Our endurance has definitely improved A LOT.

As if sweating our butts off for 25 minutes everyday isn't enough E and I ran Color Me Rad on Saturday.  It was so much fun and we got a pretty great workout from it too. I am contemplating training for a half marathon because I just have so much motivation to do it + running a half is definitely on my bucket list as well as is a marathon but I'll save that for later.

For now I'm just happy to be keeping active and taking control of my health and fitness.

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  1. This is so exciting, Ive been meaning to get back into working out, but I totally feel this last semester of school which has me stuck on my butt ;) Great job and keep it up!

  2. Me boyfriend and I ran the Color Me Rad 5k this past summer and absolutely loved it! Looks like you two had a lot of fun as well :)

  3. How fun! We did a color run last year and had a blast. :) Great job!

  4. I'm working towards running a half marathon at the end of the year. I have so far to go, but I'm so excited to be able to accomplish something I never thought I could!

  5. I absolutely love that you and him workout together! What a great way to bond together plus get fit for your wedding that. I've always wanted to do a "color run" but never had the time. Maybe the next time it comes to Cleveland. So happy for you two!

    This is my first time on your blog and I love it! Nothing better than seeing amazing relationships take the next leap into marriage.


  6. You guys are so cute together, especially in your color run gear!

  7. I've wanted to do the color run for the longest, it looks like so much fun! And good for you both starting the 30 day shred. I have it, have looked at the case...and that's as far as I got. haha

  8. You look absolutely fabulous and your going to be even more stunning on your big day!!!

  9. Congrats on your weight loss and your race. My husband and I run together and enjoy it a lot. Great way to get exercise and spend time together. I'm doing my first 10K next month and maybe a half if it goes well. Good luck!


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