We're The Three Best Friends..

February 06, 2014

As I sat scrolling through my last 6 years of photos on facebook I realized how much I miss the ladies above who I call my best friends. We have so many great memories from high school and it's such a bittersweet thing to realize that our paths might never cross again. How can you go from spending every waking moment with your best friends to only seeing them when huge life events happen such as getting married or when that day comes when we're meeting each other's children. Luckily, I'll be seeing their pretty faces in less than 5 months to get in some girl time as well as celebrate the happiest + biggest moment in my life. Although we have all went in different directions I can't help but feel blessed to still have two of the greatest gals in my life after all these years. I can't wait to have you standing with me on our big day! 

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  1. Its so hard when you have to go your different paths but the memories and love you share between you all will always be there!!!

  2. I have been feeling the same way! I am getting ready to graduate college and it breaks my heart that I won't be seeing my best friends every day


  3. True girlfriends are the best! Where would we be without them?! :-)


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