A Little Bit of Spring with PurseMafia

April 01, 2014

Dress: O'Neil | Sandals: Buckle | Necklace: c/o Metal Marvels | Ring: c/o StarrJoy16 | Handbag: c/o PurseMafia

It is definitely starting to feel a lot like spring around here which means time to whip out the fun purses. Now if I'm being honest, if you were to take a look at my purse collection you wouldn't be looking long because there isn't much to it sadly, however I am working on it so I was super thrilled when the ladies at PurseMafia contacted me to review a handbag from their shop. The moment it arrived at my doorstep I fell in love and have carried it ever since. This purse is made out of vegan leather and has adjustable straps which aren't shown in the picture above, but really do come in handy. I also love the size of this handbag as well as all the different compartments within it which allows for one very organized purse + we can't forget about this awesome color with the studded applique. I seriously love this purse and it has very easily become my new favorite. 


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