Five Things

April 03, 2014

1 || It has been in the 70's all week to which I reciprocated by working on my tan. The closer it gets to our wedding date the whiter I realize I really am and that just won't work for this girl. On that note, if you've ever gotten an airbrush tan how did that workout for you? Seriously contemplating getting one!

2 || Father in law update: He is doing really well especially after just having his first chemo treatment. He has been fairly active and for the most part feeling good aside from the occasional headache. I just wanted to thank you all for the thoughtful comments and prayers that you've been sending his way. They are so appreciated and are certainly being heard, so thank you.

3 || Our wedding planning is still in full swing and I can say with a smile on my face that everything is coming along perfectly. It's funny that just 19 months ago we were getting engaged and now were just a few months shy of our big day!  How is it that that my first bridal shower is within a week away? Time flies when you're having fun obviously!

4 || Spurs fan or not, this weekend we'll be watching the game from a luxury suite. Okay, I may be a Spurs fan, but I am way more excited about the latter half of that sentence. It just so happens that E's Aunt won 16 tickets for the suite so we will be spending the day with his family as well. Go Spurs! 

5 || I am never very excited about weekends because I am usually working, but this girl has major plans which involves a small road trip and celebrating a special lady's birthday. Happy early birthday to my sister in law, Amber :)

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  1. Wow only a few months until your wedding?! Exciting!

  2. Congrats on your wedding coming up!! About the airbrush tanning... I was totally skeptical about trying it at first since I didn't want to end up orange. I actually tried an organic airbrush tan and absolutely LOVED it! I think everyone's skin reacts differently with the solutions, so maybe try it when you don't have anything major happening within a week or so in case you don't like it.


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