July 21, 2014

I saw this circulating in the blog world and I just love the idea of documenting little moments in life. I am going to make this in to a series where I'll try to post this once a month to share whats happening in my life lately.

Making: myself a nice cup of pomegranate green tea this fine morning
Cooking: lots and lots of desserts. peach and blueberry cobbler mostly. yum!
Drinking: iced water with lemon or tea
Reading: The Best of Me by Nicolas Sparks 
Wanting: another vacation with the hubs.
Looking: forward to getting out on our own and experiencing life as a married couple.
Playing: the greatest personalized radio station ever; pandora.
Wasting: time, not money.
Sewing: i haven't sewn in quite sometime. 
Wishing: that I could go visit my family and see my dad :)
Enjoying: the time E and I get to spend together until we enter the grown up world.
Waiting: until we find out where we'll move before changing my last name.
Liking: lazy days full of movies and of course playing donkey kong.
Wondering: why bad things happen to good people
Loving: that e and I have already been married a month <3
Hoping: to get a very close to my heart post up on the blog this week.
Marveling: how quickly time just flies by these days. It's been a year since my surgery.
Needing: to see our wedding pictures before I have a fit. It's been a month already guys.
Smelling: the sweet smell of my favorite candle
Wearing: lots of shorts and tee shirts. casual and comfy.
Following: the news and not much liking what I am seeing.
Noticing: that I have a birthday coming up.
Knowing: that God is in control and know's exactly what our future holds
Thinking: I should start up a sewing project. Pot holders?
Feeling: happy, it's a new day :)
Bookmarking: recipes for eating clean for when we move out.

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  1. This is awesome :) Especially since I haven't had a chance to read your blog in awhile, this was a fun way to catch up on your life quick!

    Congrats on the wedding finally dear!! :) I'm so excited for you and the hubs.

    Just as an FYI in case you try to drop in on my corner of blogland, I moved over to callitadventureblog.com

    But more importantly, pomegranate tea sounds amazing and I want some. :P

  2. I'm wearing lots of shorts & t-shirts too. It's summer after all, & I enjoy being comfortable! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  3. Love this series idea - such a great way to get a quick overview! Glad you're loving that newlywed life!

  4. Girl it took FIVE months for us to get our pictures back! It was a miserable wait but worth it. I totally feel your pain.

  5. You should start sewing some scarves so you will be ready for fall and winter! Gorgeous picture of flowers too!

  6. This was great since I haven't been able to keep up with blogs lately, to get a quick update about your life! Congrats on the wedding and I hope you get those pictures soon ;)


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