An Oregon Adventure..

October 29, 2014

We're already out exploring and we haven't even lived in Washington a month yet, but what fun is sitting at home when you have so much to discover? None at all, so we took off on a little day trip this past weekend to none other than the beautiful state of Oregon. Guys, it is absolutely beautiful and the cascade mountains has completely won over my heart. There is just something so peaceful about walking in the woods. E and I both share a love for the outdoors and can definitely agree that we love the mountains more than we ever loved being on the beach. *Gasp* There I said it, but what can I say I guess we are much more of an adventurous couple then we ever were beach bums.

If you are ever in Oregon I highly recommend checking out:

We had such an awesome getaway and can't wait until our next road trip :)

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  1. Wow so beautiful! I've never been to Oregon but would love to visit someday.

  2. My husband proposed to me at Multnomah Falls 15 years ago. That's where we both grew up. I still call it home, even though we haven't "lived" there for 10 years. My entire family still lives there. I miss it so much and I'm praying we can get home for Christmas this year. (PS my blogger account is broken but my email is

  3. Please take a trip down the coast to Seaside, Oregon! Feed the seals, get some salt water taffy, walk the promenade! You'll enjoy it, I promise!

  4. I visited that same waterfall and the gorge earlier in October - so beautiful! Oregon completely won my heart over, too!

  5. I've never been to Oregon, but clearly I need to! It's gorgeous!!!! What views you two have :-)


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