October 23, 2014

picture from my first bridal shower- coming to the blog soon.

These blogging breaks are becoming more frequent, but don't worry I haven't forgotten about this little ole blog of mine. I just have been seriously contemplating the direction of this blog and found that taking a step back was an easy solution while deciding my blogs future. I still haven't quite figured it out, but what I do know is that a rebrand is definitely on the agenda as well as perhaps a blogger to self-hosted wordpress switch? I think yes, but until then here is a taking stock post for your enjoyment on this beautiful Thursday morning.

Making: myself crazy searching for a job.
Cooking: i have cooked a lot of great meals this week, so tonight we're having leftovers.
Drinking: a chai latte.
Reading: currently, nothing.
Wanting: to find a job so that I can start working again. 
Looking: forward to our weekend trip to Oregon to do a little sight-seeing.
Playing: the television in the background.
Wasting: not wasting much of anything right now except maybe energy on typing this blog post.
Sewing: nothing, but i'm thinking a sewing project is definitely in order.
Wishing: that we were just a short drive away from our families.
Enjoying: the newlywed life in our new state.
Waiting: to start our little family until we're better settled and ready to give up the newlywed life.
Liking: living on our own in our cutesy little apartment.
Wondering: when we'll get our first snow.. not looking forward to it either.
Loving: the sound of the pouring rain outside my living room window.
Hoping: that e and i will make a few friends next weekend at his co workers halloween party.
Marveling: at how fast we have transitioned into our new life in the PNW.
Needing: a new camera, but knowing it will have to wait. :(
Smelling: my lavender scented wall plug in.
Wearing: still in my pajamas, but that's one of the pro's to not having a job.
Following: the directions of lots of recipes lately and loving it.
Noticing: that I haven't done any posts about our wedding day yet.
Knowing: that we're doing a little adventuring this weekend has me doing cartwheels. yay!
Thinking: it's a wonderful day to snuggle up on the couch all day.
Feeling: happy, it's a new day :)
Bookmarking: the best apps for excellent instagram photos.

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  1. Here is hoping the job search is successful!


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