5 Things to Smile About

December 10, 2014

1. It's the most wonderful time of the year and that definitely puts a smile on my face. We put up our Christmas decorations weeks ago and I have to admit I loved every minute of it. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in this household even though we will be spending our first Christmas away from home this year.

2. We are settling into our new state quite nicely and can't get enough of our cute little apartment. It's taken sometime to get used to the dry frigid air up here, but we're adjusting. We aren't in South Texas anymore folks, but we love it here just the same.

3. I joined the iphone bandwagon this past week and I am quite happy with my decision. It has been nice to send and receive picture mail, take part in group chats, and be able to take a picture with a camera greater than 3 megapixel + face time is awesome!

4. It's a happy day when my hair decides to cooperate with me, but it's even more exciting to me how fast my hair is growing back. I always think it's a great idea to chop it off but I instantly regret it and can't wait until my hair is back to being long again.

5. E and I are about to celebrate our 1/2 year wedding anniversary which also happens to mark 6.5 years of being together. Insane right? We've spent 1/4 of our lives together and that is something to smile about!

xo, You should definitely follow along with me on instagram. Lately, I have been posting more on instagram then I do on this ole blog of mine, but I intend on getting back into the swing of things once the holidays are over.

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  1. Welcome to the iPhone world!!! Glad to hear your settling in well and enjoy your new state!!!

  2. Enjoy your iphone! I love mine. :)

  3. Happy Holidays. Hope you enjoy your time in your new place.

    Glad you like the iPhone. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy.....and I love it. = )



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