January 29, 2015

It has been such a long time since i've written a post but to be honest I kinda like the sporadic posts every now and then. Lately, I feel that I need only to write when there is something I feel worthy to write about so here is a fair warning that you'll be seeing less of me on this blog of mine. However, no need to fret because I will still be frequently posting on instagram, so please feel free to follow along with me over there :)

I was meaning to write this post last week, but the flu hit me hard following this amazing weekend so I am just now getting around to documenting it. Over MLK weekend, the in-laws came for a visit and it was really a great time. We visited Pendleton, OR where we went on the underground tour of what was once known as the red light district of Pendleton as well as took a trip to the wool mills which was extremely neat. I also talked everyone into going to the casino so that I could gamble for the first time and let me just say I did pretty well on the blackjack table for a first timer. 

The following day we drove 3 hours to Leavenworth where we spent our first 2 hours there snowmobiling. It was pretty awesome coming from someone who literally spends majority of her life being cold. Despite me being cold the entire time it also snowed the entire time we were on our snowmobile tour. It's funny because leading up to this weekend we thought we would have to cancel this trip due to the lack of snow, but miracles do happen and it was absolutely beautiful. It was so unlike anything I'd ever experienced before with growing up in a state where snow is a rare treat so to say it was a real picturesque moment would be completely accurate. We all loved it! 

After our tour was over we headed to main street to partake in all the bavarian festival activities. Ok, maybe we didn't do the ice sculpting contest or sled down the hill, but we did find our way to Icicle Brewing Company which is home to the best craft beer ever, duh. After consuming a pitcher between the four of us and devouring the yummiest pretzel ever we headed to check out all the many shops and boutiques lining the streets. We could of spent hours doing this, but unfortunately it was just a day trip so we continued on our adventures to a bar called Der Hinterhof that was conveniently located underground. Although by this time I was more than ready to eat supper with the last thing I had eaten being the few nibbles of pretzel and breakfast or lunch being non existent so of course the claws started coming out at this point. After our last and final pitcher of beer that day, we found a cute restaurant, Bavarian Bistro & Bar, to have supper at and it was extremely delicious. I had my first ever black bean burger along with some french fries while my husband had what he claims to be the best Reuben of his life and I believe it. It was all so amazing and the best part it was still snowing outside. It was a perfect ending to such a great day, however the journey home was no walk in the park.

Let's just say in between snow, slushy roads, sitting in a wreck for more than a hour, and back trekking to find another route we finally made it home in record breaking time (sarcasm). Yes, it took us 7 hours and the first 5 hours or so were probably the scariest because those cascade mountains are no joke and what's even worse is that we were driving in these conditions in a rental car and not just any rental car, a corolla (face palm)! Ultimately, Leavenworth was definitely a favorite of mine and I look forward to our next visit soon. 

Sunday was a lazy day spent watching the Seattle Seahawks make their miraculous comeback to secure their place in the Super Bowl as well as was spent crafting. My mother in law helped me put some trimming on my christmas tree skirt that I made from a fleece blanket + I made a cute Seahawks tie pillow. The next day was my in laws last full day before getting back on a jet plane home Tuesday morning and of course the flu, although at the time I didn't know it was the flu, decided it was best to knock me on my butt so yet again we had spent the day being lazy and playing a few card games here and there.

It was sad to see them go although I couldn't muster the strength to get out of bed to take them to the airport myself so poor E was the lucky one who got to wake up at 4:00 am to take them to the airport before having to be at work at 7:00. Love that man! 

All in all it was a great weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed their visit. We're already counting down the days until our next one. 

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  1. What a fun weekend! I love the pictures. :)

  2. sounds like the perfect inlaw weekend! I love that little town :)

  3. Wow, Washington is so gorgeous but I've only visited in the summer! Soo magical with all that snow (although I live in California so any snow seems magical to me haha)


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