March 04, 2015

Hello, remember me? I'm Breanna and I like to blog sometimes. I can't believe it's been over a month since I've written anything, but if you read my last post you'd know why. :) I just wanted to stop in and do a quick update because I want to remember this crazy time in my life to look back on someday.

Making: today a great day and intend to do so everyday :)
Cooking: currently cooking chicken broccoli rice in my crockpot. Easy meals are my favorite.
Drinking: lots and lots of water.
Reading: the bible and becoming myself- stasi eldredge
Wanting: to find a job that i'll love.
Looking: forward to seeing results from a new medication.
Playing: solitaire on my phone and words with friends.
Wasting: just time.
Sewing: I did a little sewing project in January and loved how it turned out.
Wishing: to get my stitches out like today and to find out my pathology results.
Enjoying: our weather and can't wait until summer!
Waiting: patiently.
Liking: that I am finally over the flu and cold I've had within the last 2 months.
Wondering: how west texas has had more snow than we have had in WA all winter?
Loving: my husband and how much he has been helping me around the house.
Hoping: the mole I had removed last week isn't cancerous.
Marveling: at how E and I have already been living in WA for close to 6 months.
Needing: to take a chill pill for my minds sake :)
Smelling: the crockpot meal I have cooking in the kitchen.
Wearing: comfortable lounge around the house clothes like skinny jeans and yoga tops.
Following: directions to care for my sutures to get the best healing.
Noticing: that it's so warm for this time of year. It'll be in the 70's this weekend.
Knowing: it's in God's hands and everything will be just as it should be.
Thinking: it's a wonderful day to snuggle up in bed all day and read.
Feeling: anxious, yet at the same time scared to get my pathology results back.
Bookmarking: lots and lots of yummy recipes.

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  1. Such a beautiful Spring post! You are too adorable! http://lachiquitamissi.com

  2. Hope you get your Pathology results back soon! Bookmarking lots of yummy recipes sounds good. I do that too but need to make some. Enjoy your day!


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