Falling into Fall

September 14, 2016

With summer coming to an end and cooler temperatures already making their way into our area.. I have come down with my first cold of the season. I feel less than stellar today, but fortunately a little better than I felt yesterday now that my sore throat has subsided a bit. I mostly blame the sudden change in weather, but a little part of me blames my husband for jinxing us for making a remark on how we hadn't been sick in quite sometime. Boo!

Despite having this pesky cold this girl is counting down the days until Autumn arrives (8 days folks). September is and will always be my favorite month with it being my birthday month and the start to my favorite season as well, so it of course is twice as exciting around here. Anyone else enjoy Fall as much as I do? 

..pumpkin spice everything

Yes, I am so ready! Bring it on Fall!
What are some of your favorite things about the season?

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  1. I am so ready for fall as well!!! It can't come soon enough. :)

    1. I must have turned off comment notifications because I'm just now seeing this! Whoops!



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