National Coffee Day

September 29, 2016

Happy national coffee day to all you coffee lovers out there. In true fashion, I am celebrating by enjoying my morning coffee in my favorite Starbucks traveler mug. This past Christmas my niece and nephew gifted this beauty to me with a story behind the reason they thought it was perfect for me. When my nephew was a bit younger (say like 2 years younger) he could never say my name so "Breenana" turned into the new Breanna and it kinda became a thing in our family.. so now you can see why this mug has favorite written all over it. I hope that you are enjoying your coffee too wherever you might have ended up getting your morning cup of joe!

Serious question. My husband has been hinting that he wants an aeropress coffee and expresso maker for Christmas this year and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using it and if so how do you like it? Any thoughts are welcome!

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  1. Enjoy your coffee today! Hope all is well! :)


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