Past Due Hello + Birthday Surprise

September 12, 2016

I am in disbelief that it has nearly been a year since I wrote my last blog post. This blog was my creative outlet for so long throughout my college days which turned into a passion that I genuinely loved and worked so hard at building up. The friendships that came from blogging were truly the best and I miss those connections that have fallen away with time. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and those things that we once loved gets lost in the mix, i.e blogging.

Today is a brand new day. Today is the day that I pick up where I left off and start blogging again. I am much more determined and motivated to dive back into the world of blogging than ever before thanks to the longest blogging break ever. It's funny how absence makes the heart grow fonder and boy does it ever. Hello to those of my readers who have stuck around and to those of you who might stumble this way from time to time. You rock! I am diving in with both feet for the second time around and I am so excited to be back.

I celebrated my birthday over the Labor day weekend with some awesome friends who threw me a small surprise birthday party. It was a total surprise and was why in all of these pictures I look like I was fresh out of the shower, because spoiler alert I was. I opened our front door to find the coolest decorated birthday stoop ever along with all our friends standing there wishing me a happy birthday. They are definitely the sweetest and went above and beyond to help me celebrate turning twenty-five with frozen themed balloons and my very own party hat. The gifts I received and the way in which they presented them were hilarious (think nesting dolls) and totally threw me for a loop, but I was seriously so overjoyed. I have never had a surprise party before and to have made such great friends in a few short years to be so sweet to do just that made my birthday all that more special.

If you know my husband then you know how great of a cook he is and already know the birthday dinner he prepared for us was super delicious. Birthday Menu: Filet Mignon with a twice baked potato and sautéed zucchini and squash + homemade funfetti cupcakes from scratch for dessert prepared entirely by him and if you can believe it I didn't do the dishes once all weekend. I can honestly say that I found myself the best kind of man.. he knows the way to my heart and how to make me feel like the most spoiled princess out there. I finished the weekend with some birthday shopping and enjoyed the extra day that I got to spend with him before he went back to work. This birthday was one for the books and one that I definitely will always remember. 

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