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May 23, 2017


Actually, I think I am now more along the lines of an ex-blogger because of how little I tend to post, but that being said I am going to make an extra effort from this month forward to post more regularly.

I do miss it A LOT!

It is funny how you can go from blogging on a daily basis to just not doing it at all, but if I am being honest it has been hard to get in that blogging groove again ever since our big move almost three years ago. I do know that there is never a better time then now to get back to doing something I truly love to do and brings me so much joy as a result! It is crazy that it has taken me so long to realize this revelation, but I would be even crazier to give up on blogging altogether.

One thing that I really loved about blogging was the blogging community as a whole. It is an accepting and inspirational group that I was lucky to be a part of for so many years. If you are still reading this blog or occasionally pop over here by accident, thank you, I appreciate it! I have missed reading your blogs too and would love for you to leave a link to your most recent post in the comments so I can do a little catching up as well. 

I have a few things lined up for Memorial Day weekend and since we finally have a nice camera again I plan on bringing back outfit posts because those are definitely my favorite kind of posts. I may not be a fashion blogger by any means, but a girl can dream right?

While I am on the subject, what kind of posts would you like to see on MBCL? I am always open to new ideas and would love any feedback you might have as I gear up to get this blog back up and running.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Welcome back! I am sort of in the same boat myself with blogging..life just gets in the way sometimes!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a quick comment! I was just reading your latest blog post and tried to leave a comment but it wasn't allowing me to. Congratulations on your newest addition, he is adorable!


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