SeneGence LipSense Review

July 01, 2017

Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are 100% my own.

As you might have seen by now making its way around the social media world there is a new lip color in town that has so many people talking about it. You might even know a friend or two that sells LipSense as a side hustle to bring in extra income for their families, but in the case that you have not heard about LipSense.. it is becoming quite the staple in some peoples makeup routines because of it's long lasting capabilities.

Honestly, from the moment I saw this product I was intrigued! I could not wait to try it out myself to see whether or not this product is really as awesome as advertised, but really just the thought of being able to kiss my husband with my lipstick on was more than enough reason for me to give this product a fair chance, so today I am going to share with you my thoughts on this said "miracle lipstick".

First things first..


LipSense is a product of SeneGence. They not only sell the very popular Lipsense, but you can also find other products such as skincare, perfumes, and makeup. A few things that I like about SeneGence is their products are cruelty free, formulated with FDA approved ingredients, are gluten and GMO free (most products), and they are made in the United States. I personally haven't tried any of these other products, but I have a few friends that swear by them and wear them every single day.


The image below tells it all! I did not use the linersense and it still looked just as awesome. You will notice by the pictures that the color itself looks a bit sticky. It is and is the reason why you have to keep your lips slightly parted while applying all three layers. Lastly, you have to use a LipSense gloss in order to achieve the desired look below. No shortcuts here!  


Hydrating- I was really surprised at how hydrating this gloss is mainly because any gloss I have ever worn does not do much for hydration. I have noticed since I started using LipSense that my lips do not seem to be as dry and exfoliating near as much as before which is weird to me, but certainly nice. After a little more research, I have learned that LipSense has medical grade alcohol in it, hence the stinging sensation that takes place upon immediately applying the first layer. It is working hard to remove built up wax from previous use of lip balms and chapsticks which then allows for the color to bond to your lips easier. So in essence this product is helping to make your lips healthier. It also helps that one of the ingredients is shea butter. How's that for moisturizing power?

The gloss is the barrier between the things you eat and drink and should be applied accordingly (before eating and drinking + after) throughout the day. This allows for the color to stay in place for longer as well as make the color look refreshed. To sum it up, the color is meant to last but the gloss is not. Noted! 

Versatile- I love that there are so many different colors and glosses to choose from and that you can layer them to create different shades. The fact that there are so many colors available makes this product appealing because there is a color for everyone to match your skin tone. Overall, I am happy with the color options provided, plus having the possibility to layer colors is pretty great and allows for the product to last a whole lot longer than a conventional tube of lipstick.

Smudge, Water, and Kiss Proof- I definitely agree with this statement. In order for this product to work you have to apply 3 layers and finish it with a gloss of your choice to seal in the color. As soon as you put on the first layer it dries within seconds and with each layer it definitely isn't going anywhere, which is why the oops remover is an important aspect to the equation. Don't forget to add the color to your water line! I learned that the hard way. Lastly, apply your gloss and you are set! LipSense should stay on your lips for 4-18 hours. I have had it stay put for up to 6 hours, but it probably would have stayed for longer if I did not remove it before bedtime. I also give it an A+ in the kiss proof department. My husband will let me kiss him with my lipstick on and that is a win in my book!


Technique- There is a learning curve to using this product and after repeated use you start to figure out ways to make the process a little easier. The first time I applied LipSense I put on too many layers (basically, reapplying to the same area on the first layer is a No No!) and had so much flaking going on, it sucked. It just did not look good at all and it was a much darker shade than it should of been, but I did not let that stop me from figuring it out. It takes time and practice to get it just right, but once you get a hang of it you will be happy with the outcome, so my advice: don't give up! After about the 3rd go round I was happy with how it looked and feel that the extra effort was worth it for all day kissable lips. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Cost-I think it is safe to say that to some people the initial investment is costly. It costs $55 for a color, gloss, and the oops remover + additional colors are $25 and glosses are $20.  This was my  biggest deterrent when I really think about it because of all the what if's. What if I didn't like it? What if the color I order isn't my color? However, if you think about it anything you buy now days comes with a lot of what if's, but you will never know if you like it until you try it. LipSense has a 100% money back guarantee in any case.

In conclusion, I am a fan! I wasn't sure how I would feel about this product, especially since I don't EVER buy anything from MLM companies, but I already bought myself a neutral color for everyday use. I couldn't resist. Thank you Paige for bringing me on board this LipSense train, now if I could only convince my husband that I need one of each color. I hope that this review is helpful to anyone who finds their self on the fence about trying this product or even just wants to know a little more information about LipSense.

If you made it to the bottom of this post, then high five! Lucky you, for anyone who feels like joining either of the pages below and mentions that you saw Paige's information from this blog post, you will receive 10% off your SeneGence order + if you have any other questions feel free to ask away!

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