December 06, 2017

Making: the most out of each and every day. I want to remember this season of life.
Cooking: absolutely nothing. we are having pulled pork that we froze a few weeks ago
Drinking: coffee with white chocolate raspberry creamer
Reading: the confident woman devotional that my mother in law got for me
Wanting: this month to be the month. Patience is not my virtue.
Looking: emails. emails. emails.
Playing: Yoshi loves to play fetch, so we play this and hiding seek on the reg
Wasting: a little time before the hubs gets home from his holiday party
Sewing: taking a break from my sewing machine until I find another project that peaks my interest
Wishing: hoping and praying 🙏
Enjoying: this time of year although not the cold so much
Waiting: 19 days until Christmas y'all!
Liking: these taking stock posts more than anyone person should. Seriously such a great way to look back on this moment in time.
Wondering: what life was like before we adopted our Yoshi girl. She brings us so much happiness and life just wouldn't be the same without her.
Loving: that Yoshi will now sleep in her crate throughout the night
Hoping: for more faith
Marveling: at how awesome our God is. This sunset is just.. stunning. God truly creates such beautiful canvases. I take so many pictures of the sky, but it makes me happy so i'll continue to do so. 
Needing: more coffee. please and thank you!
Smelling: the wall plug in. cinnamon apple for the win.
Wearing: pajamas still.
Following: so many new people on instagram, lets be friends? 
Noticing: that life is so much sweeter when you stop to smell the roses. 
Knowing: it is in God's hands and everything will happen in its own time
Thinking: about my grocery list and how I need to start finding some new recipes. Any easy, quick crock pot dinners you might suggest for these cold winter nights? 
Feeling: all the feels lately. How is it already December? 2018 is just around the corner. ughhh
Bookmarking: Christmas gift ideas for all our family

In what ways are you taking stock this holiday season? Also please send me some of your favorite crock pot recipes. I'd love you forever and ever!

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