April 15, 2018

I hope that your weekend was grand and that your week is off to a great start. Here is yet another taking stock post. I enjoy doing these and rereading them as a friendly reminder to myself to keep pushing through whatever life is throwing my way at the present moment.

Making: changes. Changes in both my fitness routine and personal life.
Cooking: paella, or at least at this present moment my husband is cooking it.
Drinking: a nice BIG glass of red wine.
Reading: I'm not currently reading anything, but I am about to start Love Does by Bob Goff.
Wanting: to be content in this season of life.
Looking: forward to the future and seeing what it holds for our family.
Playing: alexa is playing Pandora in the background. 
Wasting: away again in margarittaville. JK, it was just the first thing that popped into my head. 🙈
Sewing: I still haven't started a new project.
Wishing: on the same wish that I wish for each time I make a wish these days.
Enjoying: this rainy evening while sipping some wine.
Waiting: for the day when ironing isn't such a chore.
Liking: these April showers which will brings May flowers! Summer is so close y'all!
Wondering: what life would have been like without the internet? 
Loving: all the puppy snuggles while she still wants to be near us.
Hoping: that i'm not too sore in the morning from today's gym sesh.
Marveling: at the fact that it is already mid April. Time slow down please.
Needing: a few more days in this weekend. Also another glass of wine or three.
Smelling: the fresh smell of mother nature after a nice rain. It's definitely spring in the PNW.
Wearing: pajamas, it's a rainy, dreary Sunday evening.
Following: the news. 
Noticing: that life is what you make of it. I keep repeating to myself daily that worrying about something won't change the outcome.
Knowing: that it's in God's hands and His timing is always perfect. 💕
Thinking: that I need to stop thinking. I am in my head way too much lately!
Feeling: Hopeful and optimistic about the future.
Bookmarking: Mediterranean Diet recipes.

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  1. I love rainy spring days, they are the best!


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